i cant remember how it began or why?  Where reality ceased to exist among my intoxicated emotions. Without her, time began to unravel. My mornings turned into nights. A ceiling fan creaked as it swung looking down on a body draped in sheets as the light of the day waned from lemon yellow to a deep ochre. i felt a still presence in the dripping water tap over the kitchen sink. 

She was growing and calling from beyond, as i stood on the edge of my balcony, on the 56th floor of a nondescript building, a giant mass of an illuminated labyrinth lay in front of me, dotted with skyscrapers like an orgy of phalluses, dark clouds ominously clung to the horizon, mingling with the smoke of my burning emancipating cigarette. 

Millions of people were sharing her body. A flesh-eating animal, she feasted on my sleepless nights, she exploded my senses. The sidewalk rendered her thousand sorrows, glistening in the night rain, the promise of the neon night. Umbrellas mushroomed in a symphonic rhythm as the furtive rain came down cascading.

i mapped the countours of her bosom, as if i knew the way. They all knew her, where she was, she hid in their gaze. Obtainable, insolent, dancing among their nervous hands. Exposing her scented assets. Her stench was palatable, like a craving tongue exploring my body. My lips burning on her spicy flesh. i thought i had lost her. 

The city, lay naked in front of me.

The moon was an accomplice to my erotic charms, waxing above the thick horizon slicing through the wispy clouds, looking down at the banalities of the earthbound, the stray dogs barked with a rabid energy, water broke inside many expecting mothers, vestiges of the hight tide crashed upon the rocky shores as huge waves and lunatics walked alone naked and drunk on streets soaked in shadows.

 My mind coiled and meandered weaving random thoughts, reflecting, gazing at the blue splendour,  the setting moon peeked through the window at 3 AM, creeping into the frame, and rousing in me, a primordial mystery, a lost memory was reborn.

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  1. reminds me of something i cant put my finger on… nice though. glad u r writing.. rather publishing it on a blog again.

  2. Poetic.

  3. thanks anvita, manish, hope i can keep this going.

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